Dealing with environmental sustainability is something complicated that involves many aspects, from technology to the everyday life.

To better explain it we’ve decided to divide the following in the four classical elements: fire, water, air and earth.


FIRE (electricity)

Thanks to the installation of photovoltaic panels we are able to largely cover all the energy consumption of our Agriturismo.

This does not entitle us to waste, that is why we only use class A appliances, and the outside illumination system works with a motion detector and a photo-electric lighting controller.



Water is one of our most essential natural resources and, as such, it cannot be wasted.
The name “Fontaccia” recalls the abundance of water of this land, however, if poorly managed, that same water can turn into a destructive force. This is the reason why we make sure that the centuries-old stone canals running through the terraces are thoroughly cleaned, allowing the excess of water to reach the river without overflowing.Rainwater is collected through all the aquifers and paved area into an underground tank, supplying water for irrigation.

The water we provide to our guests is heated by solar panels during the summer, whereas during the winter by a combination of electrical resistance and a high efficiency boiler, guaranteeing the perfect temperature all year long.

Wastewater is treated in septic tanks and all the cleaning products used are eco-friendly.


AIR (air-conditioning)

To ensure the right temperature during the summer, all of our rooms are equipped with class A inverters, powered by the photovoltaic system.

During the winter, heating is provided by two thermo-fireplaces, fueled by the wood found during the cleaning of the nearby forest, and by pellet stoves, which are made only from sawdust and scrap wood. Heating is also guaranteed with the reverse cycle of the air conditioning.


EARTH (social and territory)

The respect for the environment can also run through the relationship between people. It is for this reason that we prefer to get supplies from the locally-owned businesses, favoring local goods and building strong human relationships.
We wholeheartedly adhere to the recycling program sponsored by our town, Rufina, that is working towards the reduction of non-recyclable materials (we invite our guests to sort their waste during their stay).

Despite the different levels on which the Agristurismo is distributed, an entire apartment, our common hall and our outside paths are fully accessible to disabled people. We believe that the countryside should and can be enjoyed by all.

The furnishings of the common areas and rooms come mainly from restored antique furniture, mostly found inside the estate. Some luminaries and pieces of furniture were made by the Cooperativa Sociale Altremani, a cooperative that helps people living in vulnerable conditions find an employment. They collected scrap materials and reinterpreted them with high craftsmanship.

Since we firmly believe in the respect for our land, our farm is certified organic and deals with typical local productions. An orchard with old varieties of fruits wants to bring back to life those that have disappeared due to the advent of wholesale suppliers, even if it has high quality and very interesting features.