Diospero apartment

The apartment Diospero is well lighted and located near the small garden of aromatic plants. From the apartment, you may enjoy a lovely view over the hills of Val di Sieve and the surrounding lands of the farmhouse.
In the past the apartment used to be the stable of the residence, and this is the reason why it is provided with a private entranceDiospero’s small kitchen is supplied with all necessary flatware, a refrigerator and an induction cooking surface.  
The soft colored furnishings recall the fruit it is named after – the persimmon – which grows on the kaki tree near the old wash house.
Diospero’s wonderful view over the hills of Val di Sieve and canopy bed confer to the apartment a very warming and romantic atmosphere.


  • A canopy double bed and an extra bed or crib on request;
  • Spacious bathroom with a shower cabin;
  • Well-equipped kitchenette;
  • Air-conditioning;
  • TV.